Passion for planes, flights, aeronautical engineering and eager to share my knowledge and related areas of interest.

One of my first words I could pronounce was ‘planes’. Grew up with parents who where both piloting glider airplanes and started building my first airplane with lego. Promoted myself by building plastic static model airplanes and eventually built my first wooden glider when I was about 10 years old.

Continued this passion by attending the Technical University dept. Aeronautical Engineering in Haarlem  in the Netherlands. Applied my knowledge at Fokker Aerospace and worked on Non Recurring programs for Boeing 747 “Flaps” and NH90 Helicopter.

And now, I believe it is time to share my passion and consolidate the knowledge on this site.

Hope you can enjoy, just as much as I can.


Best regards,


Alex LHK Abcouwer

The DronesHobbyist